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Free test Cisco CCDP 300-115 Exam questions and Answers

Which security feature inspects ARP packets based on valid-to-MAC address bindings?
B. BPDU guard
C. port security
D. IP Source Guard
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands ensure that DSW1 becomes the root bridge for VLAN 10 and 20? (Choose two)lead4pass 300-115 exam question q2

A. spanning-tree mstp 1 priority 0
B. spanning-tree mst 1 root primary
C. spanning-tree mst VLAN 10,20 priority root
D. spanning-tree mst 1 priority 4096
E. spanning-tree mst 1 priority 1
F. spanning-tree mstp VLAN 10,20 root primary
Correct Answer: BD


Which command disables STP on multiple interfaces?
A. no spanning-tree VLAN 9
B. no spanning-tree pvst
C. no spanning-tree mst
Correct Answer: A


Which two command sequences must you enter on a pair of switches so that they negotiate an EtherChannel using the
Cisco proprietary port-aggregation protocol? (Choose two.)
A. channel-protocol lacp channel-group 1 mode on
B. channel-protocol pagp channel-group 1 mode auto
C. channel-protocol lacp channel-group 1 mode active
D. channel-protocol pagp channel-group 1 mode desirable
E. channel-protocol pagp channel-group 1 mode on
Correct Answer: BD


Which STP feature used to monitor BPDU traffic and enable STP to transition between states?
A. Root Guard
B. Loop Guard
C. BPDU Filter
D. BPDU Guard
Correct Answer: C


Which two statements about the LACP port priority of a device are true? (Choose two.)
A. To manually configure a link with an EtherChannel to come up first, set its lacp port-priority value lower than the
B. It determines which links in an EtherChannel group are active.
C. To manually configure uses the port a link within an EtherChannel to come up first, set its lacp port- priority value
higher than the default.
D. The system uses the port priority of the local and remote device to determine which links in an EtherChannel group
are hot-standby.
E. LACP port-priority is used in the hashing algorithm to load-balance links within an EtherChannel.
F. They system uses the port priority of the local and remote devices to determine which links in an EtherChannel group
are active.
Correct Answer: AB


You have been asked to install and configure a new switch in a customer network. Use the console access to the
existing and new switches to configure and verify correct device configuration.lead4pass 300-115 exam question q7 lead4pass 300-115 exam question q7-1

Examine the VTP configuration. You are required to configure private VLANs for a new server deployment connecting to
the SW4 switch. Which of the following configuration steps will allow creating private VLANs?
A. Disable VTP pruning on SW1 only
B. Disable VTP pruning on SW2 only
C. Disable VTP pruning on SW4 only
D. Disable VTP pruning on SW2, SW4, and New_Switch
E. Disable VTP pruning on New_Switch and SW4 only.
Correct Answer: C
To create private VLANs, you will need to only disable pruning on the switch that contains the private VLANs. In this
case, only SW4 will connect to servers in a private VLAN.


How do you recover from dot1x failure?
A. recover violation
B. psecure
Correct Answer: B


Which two TLVs are mandatory in LLDP advertisements? (Choose two.)
A. Platform TLV
B. System Capability TLV
C. Network Policy TLV
D. System Name TLV
E. Native VLAN TLV
Correct Answer: BD


Select and Place:lead4pass 300-115 exam question q10

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 300-115 exam question q10-1



An engineer is configuring an EtherChannel between two switches using LACP. If the EtherChannel mode on switch 1 is
configured to active, which two modes on switch 2 establish an operational EtherChannel? (Choose two.)
A. active
B. auto
C. desirable
D. on
E. passive
Correct Answer: AE


Which two statements about source port monitoring in SPAN are true? (Choose two)
A. Traffic through a destination port can be copied and included in the SPAN session.
B. It can monitor individual interfaces within a port channel
C. The entire EtherChannel must be monitored.
D. It can monitor only FastEthernet and GigabitEthernet port types.
E. It can monitor ingress and egress traffic
Correct Answer: AE


Refer to the output below. Which effect of this configuration is true?
Interface GigabitEthernet1/0 description to IT Room B 9745-173 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk encapsulation
A. It enables tagging support for 1000 VLANs, including the native VLAN.
B. It enables tagging for up to 4096 VLANs, but tagging on the native VLAN is not supported.
C. It prevents the port from operating with VTP.
D. It enables a Cisco-proprietary trunking protocol.
Correct Answer: B

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