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Which two statements about geolocation policies in the ACI Fabric are true ?
A. Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of a networking device
B. Geolocation policies are dynamically configured in ACI using the site address field in the spine and leaf Type-
C. Creating a geolocation policy involves creating a site,floor,room,and row
D. Geolocation policies are configured under Fabric > Access Policies
E. Geolocation is performed by associating a geographic location with an IP address
Correct Answer: CE


Drag and drop the feature from the left onto the correct benefit on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 400-151 exam question q2

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-151 exam question q2-1


Which option must be configured before IP Source Guard is used successfully in your network environment?
A. Dynamic ARP inspection
B. Dot1x
C. DHCP snooping
D. Port security
Correct Answer: C


You have configured Cisco UCS C460 M2 Rack-Mount Server with two vic 1225 adapters for single-wire management
with Cisco UCS Manager. Which statement correctly describes the operation of these adapters?
A. One VIC is designated to carry management, and the other VIC is designated to carry data traffic.
B. Both VICs will be used for management and data traffic.
C. One VIC will carry management, and both VICs will carry data traffic.
D. The Cisco UCS C460 M2 does not support two VIC 1225 adapters simultaneously.
Correct Answer: C


Which type of port profile is used to dynamically instantiate vEth interface on the Cisco Nexus 5000 series switch
A. Profile-veth
B. vethernet
C. vethinterface
D. dynamic-interface
Correct Answer: B


Which access policy determines whether or not interfaces will be members of the same virtual port channel in ACI
A. interface selector
B. port channel
C. port channel member
D. policy group
Correct Answer: A


Which two statements about policing, queuing, and scheduling are true? (Choose 2)
A. You can schedule traffic by imposing a maximum data rate on a class of traffic so that excess packets are dropped
from the queue.
B. Policing is the monitoring of data rates for a particular class of traffic. The device can also monitor associated burst
C. You can apply WRED to a class of traffic, which allows packets to be dropped to be dropped based on the Cos field.
D. The WRED algorithm is reactive approach only applies to traffic congestion.
E. Only single rate and dual rate policers can be defined.
Correct Answer: BC


Which state is the optimal health state for an APIC cluster?
A. fully sync\\’d
B. in service
C. in-sync
D. fully fit
Correct Answer: D


Which routing protocol is implemented between leaf and spine switches to propagate external routes within the ACI
A. static routes
B. Border Gateway Protocol
C. Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System
D. Open Shortest Path First
E. Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol
Correct Answer: E


Which two Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders support FCoE? (Choose 2)
A. 2248TP
B. 2232ET-P
C. 2224TP
D. 2232PP
E. 2232TM-E
Correct Answer: DE


Which three options can be used to determine REST API code to create an EPG? (Choose three)
A. Perform HTTP GET method on https:///doc/epg.xml which will return you necessary data to create EPG
B. by downloading the xml configuration file and looking up and EPG configuration
C. using the API inspector when creating a test EPG
D. using the APIC management information tree
E. Call epgCreate() function in Cobra API standard library
F. using the show EPG configuratioin on the CLI of the APIC
Correct Answer: CDF


Which two security features are supported by NX-API? (Choose 2)
A. NX-API support certificate-based authentication
B. All communication to the device is encrypted when you use HTTPS.
C. All communication to the device is encrypted when you use VPN
D. User must have appropriate accounts to access the device through NX-API
Correct Answer: BD


Refer to the exhibit. When utilizing the Cisco Application Virtual Switch in an ACI fabric, it can be deployed in two types
of switching modes. Which two types of encapsulations can be used in each mode? (Choose 2)lead4pass 400-151 exam question q13

A. Local Switching VLAN
B. Local Switching VLAN or VXLAN
C. Local Switching VXLAN
D. No Local Switching VLAN
E. No Local Switching VXLAN
F. No Local Switching VLAN or VXLAN
Correct Answer: BE

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