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Information Technology is not just about what applications you can use CompTIA FC0-U51 exam; it is about the systems you can support. The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is an introduction to the skills required to become a successful systems support professional, progressing onto more advanced certifications and career success.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Study Guide covers 100% of the exam objectives in clear and concise language and provides you authoritatively with all you need to know to succeed in the CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam. Along with gaining preventative maintenance skills, you will also develop the CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam tools to complete troubleshooting and fault resolution and resolve common issues experienced by the majority of computer systems.


The exam focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks commonly performed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT CompTIA FC0-U51 vce Exam professionals alike, including:

  • Identifying and explaining computer components
  • Setting up a workstation, including conducting software installations
  • Establishing network connectivity
  • Identifying compatibility issues and identifying and preventing security risks
  • Managing the safety and preventative maintenance of computers

Practical examples, exam highlights and review questions provide real-world applications and uses. The book includes CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam interactive online learning environment and test bank with an assessment test, chapter tests, flashcards, and a practice exam. Our study tools can help you prepare for taking the exam and increase your chances of passing the exam the first time!

Which of the following report templates must be used when FC0-U51 scheduling report generation?
A. Layout Template
B. Data filter template
C. Output Template
D. Chart Template
Answer: B

WAN optimization is configured in Active/Passive mode, when will the FC0-U51 dumps remote peer accept an attempt to initiate a tunnel?
A. The attempt will be accepted when the request comes from a known peer and there is a matching WAN optimization passive rule,
B. The attempt will be accepted when there is a matching WAN optimization passive rule.
C. The attempt will be accepted when the request comes from a known peer.
D. The attempt will be accepted when a user on the remote peer accepts the connection request.
Answer: B

Which of the following methods does the FC0-U51 FortiGate unit use to determine the availability of a web cache using Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)?
A. The FortiGate unit receives periodic “Here I am” messages from the web cache.
B. The FortiGate unit polls all globally-defined web cache servers at regular intervals.
C. The FortiGate using uses the health check monitor to verify the availability of a web cache server.
D. The web cache sends an “I see you” message which is captured by the FortiGate unit.
Answer: A QUESTION: 4

An organization wishes to protect its SIP Server from call flooding attacks, which of the following configuration changes can be performed on the FC0-U51 pdf FortiGate unit to fulfill this requirement?
A. Apply an application control list which contains a rule for SIP and has the limit INVITE Request” option configured,
B. Enable Traffic shaping for the appropriate SIP firewall policy.
C. Reduce the session time-to-live value for the SIP protocol by running the configure system session-ttl CLI command.
D. Run the set udp-idle-timer CLI command and set a lower time value.
Answer: A

An administrator is examining the attack legs and FC0-U51 notices the following entry: Device_id=FG100A3907908962 log_id=18432 subtype=anomaly type=ips timestamp=i270017358 pri=alert itime=1270017893 severity=critical src= dst= src_int=internal serial =0 status=clear_session proto=6 service=http vd=root count=1 src_port=35094 dst_port=80 attack_id=10063402 sensor=protect-serveref=http:/Aww.fortinet.com/ids/VID100663402 msg=anomaly: tcp_src session, 2 > threshold 1”policyid=0 carrier_ep=N/A profile=N/A dst_int=N/A user=N/A group=N/A Based solely upon this log message, which of the following statements is correct?
A. This attack was blocked by the HTTP protocol decoder.
B. This attack was caught by the DoS sensor ‘protect-servers”.
C. This attack was launched against the FortiGate unit itself rather than a host behind the FortiGate unit.
D. The number of concurrent connections to destination IP address has exceeded the configured threshold.
Answer: B

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Reference: https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/it-fundamentals

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