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Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.2 exam tips

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NSE 7 Network Security Architect – NSE Institute – Fortinet: https://training.fortinet.com/local/staticpage/view.php?page=nse_7

The NSE 7 Network Security Architect designation recognizes your advanced skills and ability to deploy, administer,
and troubleshoot Fortinet security solutions.

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You must successfully pass at least one of the NSE 7 exams:

  • Fortinet NSE 7 – Advanced Threat Protection
  • Fortinet NSE 7 – Enterprise Firewall
  • Fortinet NSE 7 – Secure Access
  • Fortinet NSE 7 – Cloud Security

Latest Updates Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.2 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Which two configuration settings change the behavior for content-inspected traffic while FortiGate is in conserve mode?
(Choose two.)
A. IPS failopen
B. mem failopen
C. AV failopen
D. UTM failopen
Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit, which contains the partial output of an IKE real-time debug.examsall nse7_efw-6-2 exam question q2

Which two statements about this debug output are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The initiator has provided remotely as its IPsec peer ID.
B. The negotiation is using AES128 encryption with CBC hash.
C. The remote gateway IP address is
D. It shows a phase 1 negotiation.
Correct Answer: AD


Which two statements about application layer test commands are true? (Choose two.)
A. They are used to filter real-time debugs.
B. They display real-time application debugs.
C. Some of them can be used to restart an application.
D. Some of them display statistics and configuration information about a feature or process.
Correct Answer: CD


An administrator wants to capture ESP traffic between two FortiGate devices using the built-in sniffer.
If the administrator knows that there is no NAT device located between both FortiGate devices, which command should the administrator executes?
A. diagnose sniffer packet any `esp\\’
B. diagnose sniffer packet any `udp port 4500\\’
C. diagnose sniffer packet any `udp port 500\\’
D. diagnose sniffer packet any `TCP port 500 or TCP port 4500\\’
Correct Answer: C


How does FortiManager handle FortiGate requests from FortiGate devices, when it is configured as a local FDS?
A. FortiManager will respond to update requests only from a managed device.
B. FortiManager can download and maintain local copies of FortiGuard databases.
C. FortiManager supports only FortiGuard push update to managed devices.
D. FortiManager does not support web filter rating requests.
Correct Answer: B


Which two tasks are automated using the Install Wizard on FortiManager? (Choose two.)
A. Import policy packages from managed devices.
B. Preview pending configuration changes for managed devices.
C. Add devices to FortiManager.
D. Import interface mappings from managed devices.
E. Install configuration changes to managed devices.
Correct Answer: BE


When using the SSL certificate inspection method to inspect HTTPS traffic, how does FortiGate filter web requests
when the client browser does not provide the server name indication (SNI) extension?
A. FortiGate uses the requested URL from the user\\’s web browser.
B. FortiGate uses the CN information from the Subject field in the server certificate.
C. FortiGate blocks the request without any further inspection.
D. FortiGate switches to the full SSL inspection method to decrypt the data.
Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit, which contains the output of a BGP debug command.examsall nse7_efw-6-2 exam question q8

Which statement about the exhibit is true?
A. The local router has received a total of three BGP prefixes from all peers.
B. The local router has not established a TCP session with
C. Since the counters were last reset, the peer has never been down.
D. The local router BGP state is OpenConfirm with the peer.
Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit, which contains a partial output of an IKE real-time debug.examsall nse7_efw-6-2 exam question q9

Based on the debug output, which phase-1 setting is enabled in the configuration of this VPN?
A. auto-discovery-receiver
B. auto-discovery-forwarder
C. auto-discovery-sender
D. auto-discovery-shortcut
Correct Answer: C

Which two conditions must be met for a statistic route to be active in the routing table? (Choose two.)
A. The link health monitor (if configured) is up.
B. There is no other route, to the same destination, with a higher distance.
C. The outgoing interface is up.
D. The next-hop IP address is up.
Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit, which contains a session table entry.examsall nse7_efw-6-2 exam question q11

Which statement about FortiGate inspection of this session is true?
A. FortiGate applied proxy-based inspection.
B. FortiGate applied flow-based NGFW policy-based inspection.
C. FortiGate applied flow-based inspection.
D. FortiGate forwarded this session without any inspection.
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit, which contains a central management configuration.

examsall nse7_efw-6-2 exam question q12

Which server will FortiGate choose for antivirus and IPS updates if is experiencing an outage?
C. Public FortiGuard servers
Correct Answer: C

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